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I aim to provide the best childcare service possible for both yourself and your children. Working as a childminder with children of all ages is my passion and I like to provide a home away from home where your children will be able to continue their development while also having lots of fun and making new friends.

"Children are happy, confident and secure in the childminder's home. They build strong bonds with the childminder and greatly enjoy the skilled support they receive from her as they play and learn.


The childminder is skilled at using her observations of children to identify their interests and skills and the next steps for their development. She uses this information to plan a range of activities and outings that stimulate and challenge children and support them in making good progress in all areas of learning.


Children are enthusiastic in their play and develop a high self-esteem as the childminder follows their individual interests and treats them with a great deal of care and respect."

Ofsted Inspection date; 21/01/2013

I have full and part time vacancies available for children aged from birth to 14 years old.

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